Unforgettable Day: Danae and Thomas’s Wedding in Barcelona. Professional photography services in Barcelona by Ekaterina Gasanova

April 23 is also known as St. George’s Day in Spain, when people celebrate the Day of the Book and the Rose. It was on this day that Danae and Thomas decided to make their unique contribution to history by exchanging vows of love and fidelity.The day began in the morning when Danae, surrounded by her close family and bridesmaids, was getting ready for the important moment. Her beloved stepmother helped her sew a dress with a seven-meter train. Amidst the interplay of sunshine and shadows, something incredible happened: La carpa, where the wedding ceremony was to take place, was carried away by the wind. However, Danae did not lose heart, and as she made her way to the ceremony, the sun illuminated her path once again.

The bridesmaids carried her long train, and Danae, like a fairy, entered the ceremony adorned with a light purple hue, similar to her dress and bouquet. Despite the fleeting manifestations of natural phenomena, the ceremony went smoothly, and the guests enjoyed moments of joy and happiness. The wedding was not without interesting contests and challenges, as Danae and Thomas are not only a loving couple but also colleagues working together in a game development company.

This day will be remembered by every participant of the wedding as an unforgettable journey into a world of love and adventure, where every moment is filled with joy and magic.